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The purpose of the program is to create the clean and safe marine environment by cooling and disposing marine wastes that contaminates the marine environment and interferes with safe navigation of ships.


  • Legal ground: Paragraph 1 of Article 18 of the Marine Environment Management Act and Article 24 of the Enforcement Decree of same act
  • Business area: Marine districts within the boundary of Gunsan/Hanghang Port
    ※ The marine wastes outside the boundary of Gunsan/Hanghang Port are collected and disposed by the local municipalities in jurisdiction.
  • Activities
    • A cleaning vessel is contracted to Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation to collect the waste floating in the sea.
    • The shore cleaning programs such as ‘One Company-One Shore Cleaning’ and ‘General Sea Cleaning’ as part of events celebrating the ‘Marine Day’ and ‘International Coast Cleaning Day’ are planned to clean up the sea jointly by public and private organizations. The marine wastes collected from the sea are contracted to the waste handling companies for transport and disposal under the provisions of the Waste Management Act.

Reporting of Marines Wastes

Dept. of Marine Environment at Gunsan Regional Office of Ocean and Fisheries (TEL: 063-441-2267)

Year-by-Year Outcome

Year-by-Year Outcome
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Amount collected and disposed (ton) 231 301 242 354 322 218

Cleaning Ship

Cleaning Ship

  • Name : Gunsan Sea Cleaning
  • tonnage : 81 ton
  • Constructed in : 2014 .4
  • Jurisdiction : Gunsan/Janghang Port
  • Responsible department : Dept. of Marine Environment, TEL: 063)441-2263